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ROOZEE is a premium retail fashion brand offering quality sheepskin boots for men, women & children. We source the highest quality 100% Australian sheepskin and employ premium craftsmanship to deliver both a comfortable and fashion forward experience for our consumers.

The retail growth over the past decade has allowed the business to expand its retail locations across all major capital cities in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Not only is our ROOZEE brand currently stocked and sold throughout our existing retail business’ in Australia, but we have also teamed up with some other great Australian owned businesses to increase our vast product line with many more affordable & premium quality range of sheepskin boots, fashion footwear, sheepskin accessories (gloves, scarves, beanies & earmuffs), leather jackets, possum & marino clothing and apparel, sheep skin/kangaroo skin/goat skin and cow hides, ponchos, mongolian rugs as well as quilts & underlays.

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Our Vision

Our vision at ROOZEE is to continue to provide high quality sheepskin boots, footwear, clothing & apparel from 100% Australian sheepskin. 

As our range has increased over the years, we are now on a mission to expand further to international reach and see our boots on the feet of global citizens.

Expansion to USA

We look forward opening our first international ROOZEE AUSTRALIA store in New York in November 2018 – just in time for winter for our New Yorker friends!


There is no better way to expand our international reach that to start in the fashion capital of the world, where its climate warrants for our much needed products ROOZEE has to offer.


We will endeavour to set up ROOZEE AUSTRALIA as an iconic brand in the marketplace and a go-to place for all your winter needs!


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Everybody needs a pair of fleece-lined boots in winter. If you’re looking to purchase a new pair of cosy boots we got you covered!